Do you value a better environment and society?

We then would like to be of support to realize your sustainable ambitions A better environment starts with a more sustainable and durable product.
The Netherlands is known worldwide for its sustainable durable and innovative technologies that nowadays are used throughout the world to spare man and the environment. Singhboard Holding BV in The Netherlands is a company that focuses on the development and production of durable hardboard materials for using in the construction industry, in the interior of homes and for the manufacturing of wood products such as furniture and related products.

We have patented a unique process and product: wood board material that is not made of wood. We make "wood" of plant fibers with the same or even improved characteristics as ordinary wooden panels.

Unique as it is, no trees are cut down for our panels and due our advanced and revolutionary patented manufacturing techniques no harmful substances are released for man and environment. Our revolutionary hardboard meets the DUTCH , European and international standards and additionally provides opportunities for anyone who just wants to make effort for a more sustainable future.