Man and the environment

Man and the environment are our first and foremost priority, as the ecological problems concerning our precious environment are rapidly deteriorating. We are a progressive organization that has the three CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) dimensions firmly grounded in our essence. In our vision, product and operations we use values from social involvement and a forward-looking vision for man, society and the environment. The spearheads thereby intertwined in our product and objectives:

  • innovation
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Quality
  • Future-oriented

Our product was developed through careful research and selection of durable materials and due to durable and ENERGY efficient systems, the cost and environmental are saved. The concept of our product is characterized by simplicity and clarity:

  • Affordability
  • Short production period
  • Flexibility

We want to reduce and / or prevent the use of regular formaldehyde-containing wood boards by providing proprietary durable material. This will benefit the people, the environment and the economy.

People, Planet, Profit

Man, nature and our precious earth form a inseparable unity

We are delighted that our product can harmonize the proper requirements between this durable trinity in harmony through our sustainably produced boards responding to the demand, without harming the environment and with economic efficiency and thereby a healthy environment for people who use our product.


The product that we have developed will ensure a BETTER LIVING environment for people, both inside and outside. During the production process also no harmful substances are released for the people who are committed to producing our product. Both the use and the production therefore guarantees good health for humans.


Our hardboard is realized and produced after careful investigation and with the most modern and advanced technologies, and consists of all-natural products

  • If our product enters the environment, it can be fully degraded in the ecosystem without harmful side effects
  • By using our product, the cutting of trees and forests is no longer necessary


In developing and producing our hardboard the synchronization between costs and value has been accounted for, to be of added value in the economic cycle.

  • Through our durable hardboard to make accessible to all, this will bring the balance between economy and environment beyond

Taking these above factors into consideration, we also consider it our duty as an organization to make use of our hardboard to spread worldwide. Particularly in parts of Asia (China, Vietnam, Indonesia) and South America would the use of our hardboard benefit the national and local ecosystems.